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DIRECTOR: William E. Badgely

Mark Vennis, Phil Hunt

CAST: Don Letts, John Lydon, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon.

Rebel Dread is a documentary feature film about Don Letts, cultural mover and shaker, filmmaker, musician and raconteur. The film frames Don’s story with the Enoch Powell Rivers of Blood speech in 1968 and the “hostile environment” immigration policy of 2018. That’s the backdrop and the context of Don’s life – trying to find a place in the world. The film covers his relationship with the nascent London punk scene – how rastas and punks found a common bond, both outside the mainstream, and how he introduced dub reggae to the punks. How he became part of the inner circle of the Clash, and why Johnny Rotten took him to Jamaica. He then became a top music promo director (The Clash, The Pretenders, PIL, Musical Youth) and then he formed a band, Big Audio Dynamite, with his old friend Mick Jones from the Clash and made music that incorporated dance, reggae, rap, film samples and rock n roll. Leaving BAD he became a feature director, wins a Grammy for his documentary Westway To the World: The Story of the Clash, and leading cultural commentator.
Don is famous for his filmed footage and archive which this film has full access to and the
film features a great deal of unseen archive.  Mick Jones (The Clash, BAD), Paul Simonon
(The Clash) and John Lydon (Sex Pistols, PIL), Jazzie B (Soul II Soul) and Daddy G (Massive
Attack) are all interviewed along with the witty and honest Rebel Dread himself, Don Letts.

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87 mins