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Freestyle Digital Media Acquires Australian Comedy ‘The Flip Side’ for June Release.

Freestyle Digital Media has acquired U.S. rights to the Australian comedy “The Flip Side” and set a June 9 release date for DVD and VOD.

The film, set in Adelaide, South Australia, tells the story of a struggling restaurateur who has her life thrown into chaos when former lover, a British movie star played by Eddie Izzard, who seduces her all over again. What should be a fun break descends into paranoia, bitter recriminations and appalling behavior.

“The Flip Side” was written by Marion Pilowsky and Lee Sellars, and Pilowsky also directs and produces. Sue Murray and David Willing serve as fellow producers, and Emily Taheny and Vanessa Guide star in it.

“The end result here is a rather breezy, entertaining experience… French actress Guide, with a rightly over-the-top performance as the vampy and provocative Sophie steals focus in every scene…The Flip Side is one… can easily enjoy.“
The Australian Review

The Flip Side is an unpretentious, charming and disarming little gem.”

“Luke McKenzie and Emily Taheny are both clearly quite talented and do great with the material… the shooting locations are gorgeous… have fun with this one…”
Film Blerg

“The Flip Side is an entertaining film… it reinforces generally accepted mores which should guarantee it has a broad appeal.”
The Upside News

Taheny steals the film as her no-nonsense chef is put in increasingly ridiculous situations. She keeps audiences firmly on her side throughout the romantic trials, earning a very fitting happy ending.
Edinburgh Film Festival

Watching Marion Pilowsky’s The Flip Side was a lot like drinking red wine… at first I’m resistant but between the first and second bottle, I’ve surrendered myself.