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Lies, high treason and justice  -
the true story of the trial of Lord Haw Haw.

Michael McDowell

Damon Quinn, Mark Vennis, Alastair Carruthers

May 1945 LORD HAW-HAW, the English aristocrat who had tormented the British with his pro Nazi propaganda broadcasts during the Second World War, is captured by the allies. There is joy in Britain when Lord Haw-Haw is brought to London to face charges of High Treason. It will be sweet revenge. Pity the poor lawyer who has to defend him, SLADE KC, a respected Barrister...He welcomes the chance to prove to this Nazi war monger the errors of his ways. He will give Haw Haw what the Nazis denied to their victims a fair trial and true justice. From the start it is clear that this case will not be so straight forward... Haw-Haws taunts that this is a political trial, a show trial, no different than that of the Nazis. He provides Slade with the perfect defence. He isn't British at all, his British passport is a forgery. It is clear cut. Although he aided the Nazis he is not a British citizen and therefore legally cannot be guilty of treason. Slade knows that Haw- Haw could walk free. But it soon becomes clear that this will not happen. A different outcome has been planned and Slade soon realizes that he is caught up in the murky world of espionage and geo-politics, of establishment pressure and hard compromises, where black is white and the good are not so good and justice will hang with Lord Haw-Haw.

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